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Process Automation

In the definition of artificial intelligence – AI, we noted that it is a general concept that includes many subfields. Machine Learning or abbreviated ML, is one of those fields and was the most common until recently. Machine Learning is an approach that allows you to “teach” the computer to perform a wide variety of tasks. – Gilad Krein

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a collective name for a collection of algorithms that give a computer the ability to perform a variety of tasks that normal algorithms have difficulty performing. As part of using Machine Learning algorithms, the researchers or developers often perform a process called Feature extraction

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Computer Chips

The field of Deep Learning is a subfield within Machine Learning. Deep learning differs from machine learning in one important and significant point, the feature extraction procedure. In deep learning, also called Deep Learning or DL, there is no feature extraction process by humans at all. Gilad Krein

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R & D

Deep Learning The computer “learns by itself” which features to look for. Interestingly, the computer also gives different importance to different features. Deep Learning algorithms learn with the help of examples and tests. If the goal of the algorithm is to identify types of vehicles then the developers will bring the algorithm lots of pictures of vehicles and ask it to say the type of each vehicle.


In general, artificial intelligence can think. Using information gathered from the outside (with the help of the senses) and that which is inside (from the memory and knowledge stores we have accumulated in the past) enables this thinking. Gilad Krein


About robots and ITBM systems (computer aided design), which use artificial intelligence


A creative robot that can invent by itself and not just repeat things put into it


Get the iCub that can distinguish things that a baby can know:

Medical Devices

Artificial intelligence (in English: AI – Artificial Intelligence) is a field in computer science, which talks about the ability to write code for a computer program, which will display an ability of a quality and level that characterizes the quality and level of that ability for humans. Writing a program that will play chess against you is not an example of artificial intelligence


The Holy Grail of Artificial Intelligence: Human Conversation.


The facial recognition in your cell phone is artificial intelligence.

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