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Gilad Krein – everyone is talking about it, everyone is excited about it, everyone thinks they know what it is, but do you really know what artificial intelligence is? What is the definition of artificial intelligence and how is it related to Machine Learning and Deep Learning?

One of the hottest topics today in the field of computer science is artificial intelligence, also called Artificial Intelligence or for short – AI. It is likely that there is no one who has not heard about artificial intelligence by now, whether it is in the news on TV, in newspapers, around the Internet or even in science fiction movies. On the one hand, artificial intelligence sounds like a familiar and well-known concept, but if you take a moment and think, can you accurately define the concept of artificial intelligence?

True, on the one hand it is a phrase that has managed to reach all of us, there is no one who hasn’t had the opportunity to think or talk about artificial intelligence at one point or another, or even research the subject, but what exactly is artificial intelligence? What is AI? And why is everyone talking about it and why now? Can intelligence really be artificial?

Until now, we have raised many questions and I will answer all of them and even more in this article. It is important to note that the purpose of this article is to give a theoretical background in everything related to artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. During the article I will explain mainly in a theoretical way about the concepts and will not go into technical concepts or writing code at all.

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